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Information available from Sedlescombe Parish Council under the model publication scheme 2009

Awarded 2009-10      
Hedleys Solicitors 28 May 2009 Deed of Variation, Sedlescombe Sportsfield Lease
Pumphouse Designs 16 July 2009 Detailed scaled drawings of pumphouse
Roger Wood 21 Oct 2009 Fortnightly sweeping and clearance of rubbish at bus shelter and pump starting first week in January 2010
Roger Wood 21 Oct 2009 Hedge cut Riverside and Kickabout, winter 2009 (completed)
Roger Wood 10 Sep 2009 Mowing 2010 season - Brede Lane Car Park, 20 cuts Feb to Nov; Village Green 20 cuts Feb to Nov removing arisings; Riverside Playground, 20 cuts Feb to Nov removing arisings; Red Barn Field path, 10 strims; Riverside Playing Field excluding fenced-off area, 16 cuts Mar to Oct
Roger Wood 21 October 2008 Litter collection and bin emptying contract extended
Valerie Bennett 21 October 2008 Internal audit of Parish Council's 2009/10 accounts (completed)
LanGuard Limited 23 October 2009

Application of herbicide in Sedlescombe as follows in the 2010 season:

Application of Diuron in February and two further treatments using Glyphosate in July and October (including monitoring and retreating as required) in the following areas -

  • Sedlescombe Tennis Courts
  • Public car park at Brede Lane and access path adjacent to surgery
  • Pumphouse on the village green
  • Red Barn Field Nature Park footpath
  • Sedlescombe Sportsfield car park
LanGuard Limited 23 October 2009 Monitoring and treatment of Giant Hogweed as required along riverbanks throughout 2010
P J Chaffin Ltd. January 2010 Tree work in Sedlescombe (completed)
Fastprint Ltd. 4 February 2010 Printing 800 copies Sedlescombe Annual Report & Directory 2010 (completed)
Scotty's Circus Workshop 13 March 2010 Circus workshop at May Fayre, 1 May 2010, Sedlescombe Village Green (completed)